The Process

BMW Cafe Racer


  •  Decide on a style or combination of styles. 
  • Send us pictures of bikes, cars, architectural objects etc. that you find attractive. 
  • We will create a motorbike mood-board to develop the final design brief. 

Cafe Racer

Building Art

  • Once the design concept has been formulated we will source a suitable base bike, which can also be supplied by the client. 
  • The base-bike will be modified with a mixture of supplied and custom made parts. 
  • Depending on the concept, condition of the base bike etc., the build process will take between 2 and 4 months, consisting of a large amount of specialist hours. 
  • Building a Rude Bike can be considered an art form, a combination of our collective creativity and sensing what the bike wants to be. 


Life After Build

  • Owning a Rude Bike will be a personal experience whereby the people that built your bike will only be a call away. 
  • We are always happy to see our creations return to the garage for touch-ups and similar. 

Note: Rude Bikes, albeit beautiful, are built to be ridden, not to collect dust. 

About Us


The Team

Rude Bikes has been founded by Splinter and Guy, petrol-heads to say the least.  


The Garage

Located in the Provence (south of France) along one of the best motorbike roads in Europe, our garage cannot be better located for the team and clients alike!

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The Build

Each and every bike that we build is conceived as our own. The devil is in the detail. 

The Process